An Artist’s Revelation: A Life Journey

My journey began in the formative years of middle school under the influence of Eric Evans (artist) who pioneered my first art exhibition titled “The Birth of a Painting”. Throughout my school years I explored and refined my style as a high school newspaper illustrator, tee shirt designer, Bahá’í youth workshop teacher at the Greenlight conference and Bravo Artists Showcase. I received the National Arc Welding award from the Northern Illinois Industrial Arts Council for “Flight”, a 6-foot wide medal sculpture of an eagle and the Alabama State Design award for architectural achievement.

Having worked alongside my father and learning the tools of the trade in the building industry I developed a feel for structural principles. Tuskegee University was my school of choice. Art and my creativity never faded…it was at Tuskegee where Booker T. Washington said “Dig deep down into the soil of Tuskegee and utilize its resources to build a future.” From the river bed embraced the clay and my desire to sculpt which led me to carve core sand from the 57th Street Foundry in Chicago, Illinois. This medium caught the attention of Danny Glover (actor) , Calvin Boston (syndicated columnist), The Amoco Corp and Clarence Thomas (U.S. Chief Justice ) as some of the collectors from this body of work.

I found architecture to be far too rigid and formal which did not allow the fluidity and freedom of creativity that I so loved. After four years at Tuskegee University I returned to Chicago to attend the American Academy of Fine Arts and explore the possibility of being a fine artist. Before graduating, I became a River North artist which led me to become a co-director at G.R. N Namdi Gallery, one of the oldest and world renowned African American Galleries in the nation. At this time my art was being shown at Satori Fine arts, and was placed in the collections of Juanita Jordan, Renaissance Sculpture Garden, City of Evanston, and Amoco Corp to name a few. In addition, I conducted artist workshops for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Northern University art gallery, various art inspired schools, the Ethnic Arts Lake Front Festival and the Noyes Cultural Art Center. I then explored the many different applications of art in Hollywood and was commissioned by Wesley Snipes and Armen Ra Films to be the Art Consultant/Recruitment manager of, web based gallery called Skilz whose mission is to connect the world through Art.

Today, I am in the process of creating my next body of work- a culmination of my life journey from artist to dealer and back. This is my new revelation.

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